Paper Hand Soap Odor Control Products and Service

Chrome-air-freshenerContinuous Air Freshening and Odor Control System

  • Operates without batteries
  • Recyclable components
  • Available in a Variety of Fragrances

HTdetail offers the latest innovation in air freshening technology, which delivers precisely measured, constant and odor-neutralizing doses of fresh designer fragrance without the use of batteries. Our system is unlike conventional gel air freshener systems, which gradually lose their fragrance as the cartridges run dry, because it is regulated by a fuel cell that creates hydrogen within the fragrance chamber. As the hydrogen is created, it pushes a consistent volume of fragrance out of the chamber that is then distributed by the natural air flow in the washroom.

The system’s cartridges contain Microtrans, an odor neutralizer composed of the highest quality essential oils. When released by the dispenser, it reinforces the clean feel and image of your restrooms while neutralizing odors. And, there are a wide variety of fragrances to choose from that range from mild to strong.

When we clean your restrooms, we offer you the option of installing the air freshener system. Our techs will check it and replace it as needed when they return to deep clean your restrooms.

Fresh Product Urinal Screen Deodorizer with Enzymes

  • Freshens urinals: 10 times more fragrance than vinyl urinal screens.
  • Eliminates odors: Releases good bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odors.
  • Lasts longer: Gradual, consistent fragrance release ensures 30-day performance
  • Translucent design allows full view of the urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow.
  • Shrinks in size as it releases beneficial bacteria, odor counteractants and fragrance.
  • Flexible material conforms to the urinal to trap debris.

Foam Soap: Rich, thick lather with a light fragrance that sets a new standard for restrooms and wash basins.


  • Greater convenience – Preferred by users because it is quicker, more efficient and easier to use than conventional foam soaps
  • Increased efficiency- lower usage costs
  • Formulated with specially selected emollients and skin conditioners for a pleasant after-feel
  • Refreshing floral-citrus fragrance
  • Fully water soluble and easy to rinse

Touchfree-towel-dispenserPractical, Affordable Paper Products

  • Touch-less, high capacity paper and paper dispensing systems that help reduce waste and labor costs
  • Great performance and great value